Do You Own an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle?

Keep up with your transfer case maintenance in Jackson, TN

Every four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle comes with a transfer case built into its powertrain. Its purpose is to distribute the vehicle's power to all the wheels on the vehicle properly. The transfer case takes road conditions and elevations into consideration as you drive. If you're struggling with your vehicle and need a transfer case repair, visit our shop in Jackson, Tennessee. A technician from Bill's Transmissions will get to the root of the problem and handle your repair for you.

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There are two types of transfer cases

To keep up with your transfer case maintenance, you need to know what type of transfer case your vehicle has. A mechanic at Bill's Transmissions can look over your vehicle to provide you with that information. There are two main types of transfer cases:

1. Gear-driven transfer cases are designed for strength and towing. Many large trucks are equipped with these transfer cases to assist them with larger payloads.
2. Chain-driven transfer cases are built for smaller, more agile vehicles. Switching between gears is much easier, and the chain system is much lighter.

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Transfer Case Repair