Get More Out of Your Transmission

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Your car's transmission helps carry power from the engine to the axle. When something goes wrong, your car may not be able to run properly.

Bill's Transmissions offers transmission service in Jackson, TN. We'll take care of your vehicle's transmission. We'll tune your transmission for better performance. We also work on diesel trucks and farm vehicles.

Call 731-661-0728 today to schedule work on transmissions in Jackson, TN.

5 signs your transmission needs repairs

Drivers are never happy to hear their vehicle needs transmission repairs. Proper maintenance goes a long way toward preventing repairs. There are numerous signs your transmission requires professional attention, including:

  • A burning smell
  • Odd noises, especially when in neutral
  • Grinding noises when shifting
  • Slipping between gears
  • A delay in changing gears

We'll troubleshoot the problem you're having and make recommendations about the repairs. Contact Bill's Transmissions today for transmission repairs in Brownsville, Jackson and Henderson, Tennessee.

Transmission Maintenance
Transmission Maintenance